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Hope is the Spark that Changes Lives

Core Values we deliver:

  1. The MissionEfficient and sustainable programs that promote self-reliance, with measurable results
  2. Comprehensive services for children and their families/caregivers
  3. Support in regions that are underserved and marginalized


Mission Statement:

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) is a non-profit organization providing critical support to infected and affected HIV+ children and their caregivers. Since 2005, in collaboration with our in-country partners, we have served tens of thousands of families in underserved and marginalized communities in Africa.  Our areas of impact include: medical support, livelihoods, nutrition, educational support and emergency relief.

Currently, AFCA is transforming lives in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Hope is a spark that changes lives.  AFCA provides hope to thousands of children in Africa.



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Charity Navigator 4 Star Charity


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American Foundation for Children with AIDS
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Tel: (888) 683-8323
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